Is Worry Weight Making you Fat?



Worrying about your Weight?

Is “Worry Weight” Really What is Making you Fat? You are like, eh! What is worry weight?

Have you ever had that weekend where you thought you had just about eaten everything under the sun, and you were going to suffer the wrath of the Weight Guru (actual name of my scale) come Monday morning? Would that mindless munching and drinking that you did as you binge watched anything on Netflix eventually come home to roost on your thighs… and so on and so forth.

As you have now spent the entire weekend worrying about your weight, you step on the scale on Monday and voila! You’ve gained weight.

After you are done beating yourself up for a weekend eating cauliflower rice, shrimp, lentil chips, kale chips and several 20 ounce cups of water (not wine, juice or soda), you take another look at exactly what you ate. You realized you were barely clocking 1,400 calories a day, (with exercise) and then it dawns on you that you gained weight simply because you were worrying about gaining weight.

The fear and guilt you were feeling had gone ahead and created an extra pound or two where you should, according to the reality of what you ate, and the exercise that you did, have lost at least a half a pound.

Do you know some people go for years worrying their way into a size 18 and staying there? Most times it is not a result of what they actually ate, that is the power of the mind. (more…)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I ran into the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and thought, why not, it is spring cleaning season and it looked like a fun read. Little did I know that the book would change the way I live. Oh what fun!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the Japanese art of Decluttering and Organizing is such an easy book to read, the practical applications can be implemented the same day on some of the things she talks about. You will thoroughly enjoy it. Even if you are the tidiest person ever, there a still a few tips here and there that will change the way you organize your stuff. I know this because one of my best friends is the tidiest person on earth and even she sent me pictures of her sock/legging drawer just from a conversation we had about this book.

With the KonMari Method, this is what the author Marie Kondo named her tidying style, Marie wants you to dump everything in the middle of your room and tackle the clutter in one fell swoop. She wants you to sort (more…)

Gaining Clarity about your Life Using the Law of Correspondence and a Feng Shui Bagua


The Feng Shui Bagua

Do you sometimes get overwhelmed and immediately go into the “my life is a mess” dance because one area of your life is not working out as well as you planned?

We often see our lives as a house of cards, when one thing is out of place you think everything is going to crash down around you. The moment you start to think like that that the discord starts to spread, and before you know it you have infected other areas of your life that were doing great.

Once you realize that you have initiated an emotional snowball effect, you have to make the conscious decision to take a step back and look at the details around you.

Gaining clarity about your life using the Law of Correspondence and a Feng Shui Bagua is a simple system you can use as a reality check for your emotions and really figure out what is going on in your life.

What is the Universal Law of Correspondence?
The Universal Law of Correspondence, “As within as without.” The law states that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Your surroundings are showing you a mirror image of how you feel and what you are thinking. You can easily test this law by looking around you, if you feel disorganized and stressed out, your environment is usually cluttered, and disorganized too. When you are clear minded, have a clear idea of what is going on in your life, your home, office desk, purse and all are organized, you know exactly where things are.

The Bagua Template
The Bagua Template is based on the Feng Shui Bagua compass, the template is a map divided in to 9 sections that represent a specific area of life. You lay the map over the floor plan of your home or space you want to work on to find out which part of your home correlates an area of your life. Areas on a Bagua template include: career, knowledge and skills, family, relations and more.

Using the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale


Using the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale


Self-Help Toolbox Item: Using the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale.

After a day spent doing #25 instead of AB&C (as in I was nowhere near where I wanted to be). Spent the night passed out on the sofa watching Elementary (show about Sherlock Holmes) instead of my sure-fire, nighttime prep for amazing sleep and having the Universe do my bidding as I slept. I of course woke up this morning feeling like crap.

I tried, music, it helped a little. I did some meditation, which helped a lot (but that happened only because I had assigned that task to my Manager (one of the Abraham-Hicks 22 Processes) and I magically woke up and meditated this morning). I had a nice breakfast in a lovely setting looking at the world go by outside. That felt good but did not help. Nothing was really getting to the bottom of the shift in my emotions to the dark side. I had just experienced five consecutive days of glorious bliss and I was not going to let a random funk derail my joy.

I decided to reach into my Self-Help Toolbox, to find something that would help me out of the funk. I went for my fail-safe “Fix-my-negative-emotion-right-now” tool, the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. (more…)

Let Him Take Care of You


Let Him Take Care of You

Let him take care of you. This one is for the ladies, and maybe a reminder for me.

Ladies, we know we can do it all, okay, maybe most of it. It came to me this weekend looking at the couples around me, that strong women (all women, we are all strong and you know it) need to know that it is absolutely okay to allow a man to truly love you and want to take care of you. It is okay.

I met a new husband at the party (this weekend) that has assimilated completely into his wife’s family and culture that I asked more than two people where the heck he was from, and to whom he was related. Thinking of the couple made me think of my friends who are looking for the superhot, easy burn out romance (Oh! to be young again and remake those decisions), and turn away from the slow delicious simmer of “Mr. Right for you”. Okay I have more than one amazing slow simmer couple in mind but you get the gist.

Years ago, I remember talking to a friend, who felt affronted whenever a man tried to open the door for her, I was like, LET HIM!I want us to take a heart defibrillator to that dying horse called Chivalry and resuscitate that darling beautiful creature. (more…)

Becoming Your Best Self


Becoming Your Best Self

Becoming your Best Self is a transformation that begins in your mind. It is that easy. You just have to decide who your Best Self is and start living as that person now. I know the concept of becoming your Best Self is nothing new, but most of us spend time chasing what we want while trying to become the person of our dreams. The dream is always hanging in the future just out of our reach, but what is stopping you from living as your Best Self from exactly where you are today?

The concept of living as your Best Self now is based on the idea of Creative Imagination. Creative Imagination is using your imagination to move through life living as if your goals are accomplished.

Take a leap from where you are now, you do not need to go shopping, just pick out clothes and shoes from your closet that make you feel your best and put them on knowing you are facing the world as your Best Self. As you start to tell yourself this, you can imagine how your Best Self would carry herself, how she would speak to people and then you start doing it.

This is Creative Imagination at work, you just start to imagine every moment in your life as if you are living as your Best Self and before you know it you will be your Best Self.

Once again, the transformation is in your mind, to best illustrate this point I am going to compare my old main stream visualization technique versus Creative Imagination. I used the vision board technique, with an inspiration picture of the person I was going to become when all the stars lined up, and my life was the vision of perfection that I had in my head. I would conjure up an image of a woman whom I adored and I would wondered how she really felt, who was in her life, and how she lived. Then one day it occurred to me that I could be this person right now. I could wake up in the morning and live the rest of my life as my Best Self and that is exactly what I did.


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